January 14, 2014

And suddenly it was 2014...

It's been a while. I was over here and then I wasn't really anywhere. And now that it's a new year and time has passed and I've had plenty of time to cook and, even more, to eat, I realize that I miss this space. It's time to start again. He would want it that way.

Plus, there's still this guy…

Sooooo….. I've decided to dedicate Cooking with Laughter to more everyday recipes. You know, simple food that is easy to make and that you find yourself eating again and again. While this space over here will be dedicated to more intricate, involved dishes that take a bit more time and effort but leave you glowing with satisfaction. Or can at least be ticked off your "ok, now I've done that" list. I'll be sure to cross reference the two sites so you don't miss a thing! And I promise this will be last post that does not include pictures of food.

I'm looking forward to some new adventures! Happy New Year!

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