January 31, 2010

An explanation

Ok. This is my first time blogging. It's not my first time writing, but it's my first time writing about food. Not only is this a chance to engage in dialog about something I'm really interested in - food, cooking it and eating in - it's also a chance to put myself out there and maybe chisel away at some of the constraints I put on myself when I sit down to tackle a project. I set standards. A good thing. But they can get in the way. It's not like everything I produce has to be worthy of Nietsche or Inger Christensen (she is so amazing!). That attitude will get me nowhere, which I'm sure is very obvious to everyone. But for some reason it is a logic that I still need to grasp myself. It all starts here.

And I could take a lesson from my cat, Laughter. Everything he does he does with total passion and without thinking. Ok, so he has a very, very small brain. But still. He's a constant presence in my kitchen because food is the one thing he is most passionate about in life. And he works for it. He doesn't give up, even when there is no hope of success in sight.

I could learn from that. Just like I hope to learn by writing this blog. A blank canvas for whatever I cook or think or explore. And hopefully some pictures of Munich, the Isar and more. I can't wait!

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